Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tangent: Design Matters

I mentioned it in my write up for the ElNet Congress, but it's good enough to mention on this blog too: Debbie Millman's Design Matters podcast is the business.

Debbie Millman is an incredibly gifted interviewer, educator, writer, speaker and personality in the design world. She writes about branding, design, strategy, appreciation for variety and excellence and anything else that might captivate the average (and not so average) design nerd. Even if you've never considered yourself interested in design, I challenge you to give this show a listen and not enjoy it. Each episode features a different interview and delves into those people's personal careers, their most valuable insights, important work and commentary on design and branding over time and tons of other more juicy things to boot.

I regularly listen to this show driving home from work or from the gym. It helps remind me that everything we do is a design of some sort, and therefore can be crafted in an effective, deliberate, beautiful, engaging way. Without being painfully onerous and academic, the weekly interviews inspire me to keep thinking broadly about problems inside organisations and how I might use my own skills to help solve them.

You can subscribe via iTunes here.

Or watch some stuff from Millman on YouTube here.

Design Matters is also a part of a bigger design publishing group, Design Observer.