Monday, January 6, 2014

Learning Portfolios: evidence your own greatness

More and more front line managers ask for evidence of learning that doesn't interrupt the day-to-day functioning of their teams, but still adds value. Usually, this is after we've gotten over the speed hump that is realising the validity of informal, on the job learning. And of course the other great speed hump: self-directed learning. So, how does one provide evidence of learning that is supposedly entirely aligned with work? By asking for evidence, isn't the learning becoming more separated from the 'real life' situation?

All those big questions aside, let's say you just want to start doing this. Good for you! George Couros has a great resource that can help explain how blogs can be used as portfolios of evidence for both learning professionals and everyone else. Bear in mind Couros' background is school education, but a lot of the ideas still apply for workplaces.

Check out George Couros' resource list for blogs as portfolios here.