Monday, December 9, 2013

Learning and Development as Strategy Execution

After writing about Brinkerhoff's Success Case Method last week, I fell into a vortex wonderment, watching and re-watching his presentation at Learning Technologies 2013. Brinkerhoff spoke about Making L&D Matter. Proving the true worth of L&D is hard to do and requires very deliberate effort. How do we know we're hitting the right goals, using the right measures, telling the right stories to the right people?

Well, to get you thinking, grab a beverage and settle in for this session. It's choc-full of great takeaways about how to think about L&D as a valuable contributor to the organisation, and how this perception has changed over time. My personal favourite however, because it's how I've been telling the story of the value of L&D in my current role, is right up there in the post title: Learning and development as strategy execution. If we're aligning our actions to the most commonly used measure in the organisation, it's hard to not justify a seat at the big kids table come decision-making time.