Monday, December 30, 2013

Influence and Persuasion - resource

Someone sent me this clip as an introduction to some influencing techniques. It makes a good introductory argument for some simple changes. I'd like to see how a group of grads (or similar cohort) would react to trying these techniques in a professional setting. I love the engaging format of the clip, not dissimilar to the Dan Pink & RSAnimate motivation clip, but I think increasingly professionals look for examples that relate directly to their context. This makes sense, if you know anything adult learning principles or the Connectivist theory.

Influence as presented in this clip seems heavily tied to sales activities within businesses, but for learning practitioners I'm seeing more and more need for strong influencing skills to make the case for changing behaviour and embedding learning objectives after the initial formal presentation of new information/procedures/products etc. Working with the learner and their on-the-job context (i.e. peers, managers and internal stakeholders) to influence for the change is more and more a role the learning designer plays. Food for thought.