Monday, December 16, 2013

EdTech Startups - how does that happen?

Here in the blogosphere there are a ton of influences and resources and events and companies pushing ideas and *stuff* at the education consumer. It's easy to forget that for those L&D professionals/educators/learning people not normally working online, the edtech idea can be more than a little confusing. How do so many companies get started? Why do they get started? Are the people who make the products and the brands and the campaigns and events and everything else that gets pushed in our faces - are they educators or are they business people? Are they advertisers or are they entrepreneurs? If you've ever asked or been asked these questions, I recommend watching the below presentation by Khalid Smith. Khalid is involved in an event called Startup Weekend that takes the ideas associated with entrepreneurship and design thinking, and brings a whole bunch of people interested in education together to work with those ideas to meet learning needs.

In a rough kinda 'how-to' way, his presentation that seems to be one of the first from the weekend, is a nice introduction into how we got to this entrepreneurial edtech state in the first place.