Monday, October 28, 2013

ElNet Sydney Congress speakers

The people I spoke alongside at the ElNet Sydney Congress way back in June were great practitioners keen on sharing their ideas and experiences. I thought I'd pull together where you can find more of their work and (hopefully) make it slightly easier to get to great content and resources that will tide us L&D practitioners over until the next event. Each presenter brought something unique to the day. Some have blogs, some run their own business, but all are generous in what they can offer the field. I highly recommend at least browsing each of the presenters online presences at some point.

Mel Doriean is a facilitator and consultant who's worked in the public sector. Her presentation, Would you like fries with that, was a super practical session on project management as it relates to learning interventions. She's also got some handy resources saved on her diigo profile.

I missed Matt Moore's presentation on Doing it better, but from his questions of other presenters throughout the day, and watching the clip afterwards, I know to expect challenging stuff from him in future! With a background in knowledge management, Matt's got a great ability to identify cross-over between disciplines.

Debora Gallo's session was fantastic. She talked candidly about her personal experience cross over from commercial practice to higher education as well as what it's like to maintain strong relational ties with an organisation when you're an introvert. Developing a strategy is something so vital to internal representatives who want to move away from reactive practice. She also writes sporadically (and has some great resources available) at eBites.

Robin Petterd shared some detailed thoughts on how agile could be used to manage eLearning projects. It's a great discussion on multiple disciplines converging to create greater results. Robin's also an artist (go check out his work here) and runs Sprout labs.

Alison Bickford is always great to hear. She's a dynamic, incredibly experienced leader in the Australian L&D field and never fails to push the limits of what's currently accepted as the norm. This session was no exception. Titled Horses for courses, we were given a chance to grapple with better defining project needs and learning needs to arrive at a solution sooner, and with less sacrifice along the way. Alison also runs Connect Thinking and the eLearning Academy. You can follow her on twitter at @connectthinking too.

Unfortunately I also missed Larisa Ishchenko's session on social learning for the workplace which is a real shame as the clip shows it was a super interesting 40 minutes. Not to worry, you can keep pace with her work by following her on twitter at @seagull128 and see some of her other work on slideshare.

Looking forward to what ElNet come up with at their next Sydney Congress.