Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading about -tivisms recently. There’s hacktivism,slacktivismapptivismtax-tivism…not to mention your garden variety digital activism.
Why bother with all these different titles? My idea is that it’s all about values. Activism in all it’s forms is about an active expression of values and creating a unique title for each type of action is just another expression of that, helping others identify more clearly how values are expressed within a particular group.
So hackathons, something I’ve also been reading bit on, are kind of like a melting pot of these different -tivisms, bringing a mixture of values, abilities and needs to the one table, with the aim of having a clear result in a short space of time. Kind of like a modern-day charity phone-athon, except more people are actively involved.
Many hands make light work, right?
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