Monday, May 21, 2012


TED Ed was launched a couple of days ago [edit: ok, ages ago now. but still it's worth getting into]. It’s basically an extension of the TED talks everyone loves watching, but curated and published specifically for educational purposes. RWW did a good article on them too. Personally I’ve always considered the TED talks an educational experience, but I guess this new spin-off is aimed at getting some curriculum-specific content out there for educators. Sounds like a great result for educators and for kids craving engaging content.
There’s the regular ‘how to calculate’ and ‘look at this’ kind of videos that I expected, but there’s also the challenging (and really not that surprising for a TED initiative) videos on stuff like the value of storytelling for history.
Hopefully they start featuring some of the youth generated content at TEDxYouth events. Disruptive, informative and empowering all at once!
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