Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pedagogy and Design Thinking

It struck me this morning that I haven’t done much reading about how pedagogy and design thinking interact. It could be a really interesting area and I’m curious to know how much writing is out the about the use of pedagogy in design thinking and vice versa.

Within a project the possibility exists for both to have a role in a mutually exclusive way, but I’m more interested in how they might complement each other. If there were iterations of both concepts, the potential for them to improve each other. If people used to working with pedagogy adopted aspects of design thinking, the potential application of their personal pedagogy could be greatly expanded. Likewise, if design thinkers spent some time thinking about pedagogy their approach to project could be even more user-centered.

Having done no reading about the intersection of both pedagogy and design thinking, my thoughts are just that, random and not backed up by anything but my imagination. I do think the potential for some more work and a wider distribution of the ideas could pay dividends for educators, designers and a bunch of people that both groups are trying to reach with these concepts.

I think I have some work ahead of me. Hopefully I’ll be able to post here what I find.

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