Friday, May 25, 2012


Meta-journey. I’ve had to use that term a lot recently and while it makes me feel like a bit of a hack (read: i hate using buzzwords, I much prefer straight-forward langauge), it’s also growing on me. Someone said to me a while ago that sticking meta in front of anything is the latest buzz but I don’t believe that. I think meta had it’s time a while back when knowledge management was still an isolated department. 
Meta-journey is a pretty abstract term on its own. I am finding it to be pretty relevant when I try to tie a bunch of individual client experiences together, identify trends and play the findings back to them. It’s useful then.
It’s also useful in helping me remember that nothing in design or technology is permanent, everything is susceptible to change, and being able to adapt to that change is a good thing. No platform is the ‘forever best’. No format is the ‘be all and end all’. Context and adaptability of content is essential in order to maintain relevant in the - wait for it - meta-journey.
Here endeth the sermon for today.
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