Tuesday, August 3, 2010

inspiration: july

even though I already did an inspiration thing for July, I think I can get away with another one because I didn't do one in June. Heck, this is my space, just go with it. These are the top ten things that I'm enjoying on the web at the moment.

  1. Write an article for tonymorganlive.com - this is great. I already admire this guy, but he's also open to giving others a leg-up and listening to them. Bonus.
  1. Menomena - like the reviewer, I don't know anything about the back catalog, but after listening to the tracks attached to this review, I'm a fan. (also a fan of the writer - funny stuff)
  2. Solar powered party box - I can see these things popping up on campuses everywhere. Uni promotions teams going crazy for how many boxes (pun intended) that this ticks: mobile, green, recycled, engaging, open, different, 'young!' 'modern!'. But I also think it's pretty cool.
  3. Population policy - with the election looming and some of the bizarre antics surrounding even more bizarrely designed campaign policies, this article took me by surprise.

  1. Garance Dore on getting started with entrepreneurship - she's beautiful, takes great photos and travels the world for work, but she also writes (via a translator) some pretty good stuff to keep you thinking while gawking at her images

  1. Marnie Stern 'for ash' - this song is on high rotation in my life this week. The review refers to the sound of strangling, and I have to admit they're not far off the mark.
  2. History lesson - a friend I consider to be quite intelligent once told me that most of what they learnt for year 12 history they got from Eddy Izzard's live show. This comic reminds me of that.

  1. Deer tick 'twenty miles' - I love this song. The reviewer isn't  big fan, but I disagree, for all the reasons they don't like it, I do.
  2. Roast pumpkin soup from foodlove - this stuff is to die for
  3. Connectivism - the main learning theory I'm studying this year, I'm a big fan of George Siemens. 
What are you digging at the moment?