Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Highlight (literally, I highlighted it) from chapter 1 of Absence of Mind:

"I propose that the core assumption that remains unchallenged and unquestioned through all the variation within the diverse traditions of "modern" thought is that the experience and testimony of the individual mind is to be explained away, excluded from consideration when any rational account is to be made of the nature of human being and of being altogether."

It's got me thinking, for sure, she makes a good point. This book isn't what I was expecting, it's a workout and I need to take a rest about every ten pages, but it also feels great to be thinking about being and the mind in ways I've never really done before. I can't wait till I can chat about what I thought with anyone else who's read it, which so far I think will just be one person. Shame, coz I have a suspicion that there will be a bunch more gems like the above in the rest of the chapters.

If you have 20-odd spare clams, go order a copy of booko.com.au. and get some decent pre-summer-trash-reading in.