Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What I'm reading: 'A whole new mind' by Dan Pink

I finished reading this book about three weeks ago. I said I'd do a review, so here goes...

The idea Pink proposes is that there is a requirement on employees to move beyond transaction-based, reactionary work in a knowledge economy and start thinking conceptually, taking advantage of opportunities to exercise creativity in all workplace contexts. The proposal is great, however this book doesn't reach much above the standard tone and formulaic approach that most business self-help books use. Perhaps that's because Pink is trying to target those people still thinking in linear, fomulaic ways about work? If so, he does a great job of getting to them in a way that they're already used to, but I'm not so sure how successful it is at bringing those types to a place where they're comfortable dropping those tools and picking up conceptual, creative thinking instead.

I'm sounding negative, but this book was good overall as a conversation starter with people at work, and people thinking in the same space as me. Just be sure to think for yourself about how the concepts Pink proposes apply to your situation.