Friday, July 2, 2010


I’ve just started using a new presentation application to replace powerpoint. It’s called Prezi and you can get it for free here. Someone at uni recommended it to me and when it came to the progress report day where all the education honours students presented the progress on their projects, those who used Prezi to supplement their talks made a real impact. I loved creating a non-linear, more visual and dynamic presentation. I was able to mind-map my thought process through the creation, and got to use everything I put down, without having to rework it too much. You can check out my work here.

This is because the premise that Prezi works on is that presentations should be engaging, dynamic and able to change each time they’re delivered in front of a new audience. Users can create navigation paths, but can easily ignore them if an interesting discussion is started during the session. Basically, I love it. And it’s free and encourages open source content which is fantastic!

Head over to the site to check out what other people are producing using Prezi. The potential to include it in learning is also there, it just requires a little creative thinking (that you could probably map on a Prezi anyway)!