Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perspective and scale in skills target agendas

One of the keynote speakers at the NCVER conference was Dilip Chenoy, CEO of India’s National Skill Development Corporation. The mandate given to this semi-public, semi-private organisation is to strategically drive and oversee the skills development of the nation. The prime target? 150 million Indians up-skilled and given a formal qualification by 2022. That breaks down to graduating 45,000 people every single day from now until then.

The presentation had an emphasis on leveraging the organisations and networks that currently exist. Another point Dilip made was that he wants to see the services currently being delivered by charities and NGOs be replaced by organisations with a for-profit business approach in order to at least have a shot at reaching the target.

The Australian education and skills targets have been set and are obviously nowhere near the same scale as the Indian ones. It’s made me realise that the resourcing issues we have here are nothing near the problems experienced in other countries. But after this keynote address I’ve been left thinking where is the point that quality suffers in order to reach a target?