Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inspiration (online edition)

image via the daily what

I think I read a lot online. Loads of inspriational stuff can be found online. These are some of the things that have been inspiring me so far in July.

1. Seth Godin talking about approaching development for an employee – this guy is pretty switched on.

2. Wise words for grads, tweeted by everyone else – Monster is a jobsearch site. The blog is usually pretty good career advice, if you’re into reading that type of thing.

3. New space for faith and theology discourse – who knows whether this will succeed as a place for open, constructive and challenging discussion, but I hope it does. Also, my friend is going to be writing an article.

4. Cascadeer – I’ve only heard this one track, but it’s awesome.

5. Block colours and structured garments – I don’t know how some people pull it off, but they do. Lucky ducks.

6. Gilliano being inspired by others – not only does this girl astonish me with her personal insights, she does it with puns!

7. Ancient languages futuristically translated – I have a hobby-level interest in linguistics. Go ahead and say it, I already know I’m a nerd.

8. Helping my grandma get a handle new technology – helping anyone become less intimidated by technology is great. Just because grandma’s didn’t grow up with video chat doesn’t mean they wouldn’t love it!

9. Pepperstitches – I’ve been following this entrepreneur for over a year and am inspired by the way she’s brave enough to quit her boring ninetofive and start up her craft-oriented business. Plus, she makes great stuff.

10. Hanny – regular people making history in science!