Sunday, June 20, 2010

food, my way.

It might be a little indulgent, but I love telling people about the great food I eat. I hope that it encourages them to try it too, or at least start thinking creatively about food in general. See, I eat vegan food. Does that make me a vegan? It depends. I still wear a lot of animal products (wool, leather) and there are loads of animal derived products in my life, but as far as my diet goes, it's all vegan. (that means no animal products)

I made an adaptation of this risotto recipe that I got from the Vegan YumYum app on my phone the other weekend in preparation for cooking with a bunch of non-vegans. Putting vegan food in front of non-vegan types is often a bit of a challenge. Even if the food tastes, looks and smells great, the judgement that it's so far out of what is perceived to be 'normal' food affects the whole meal. I could go on and on and try to battle the judgement and attitude with arguments and reason, or I could just cook food I love to eat and make it available for other people to eat too.

Normally when people think of risotto they think of parmesan cheese. It's actually really easy to make a baked or stove-top risotto without cheese. Substitute stock, wine or cooking sherry and you're right as rain! The adaptations I made to the above recipe were: I was too lazy to go get an eggplant, so I steamed some green asparagus instead. I liked the green on the plate anyway, and it gave a fresh crunch to the meal. I didn't bother with the red onion, just went with a brown one, it worked fine. As far as I was concerned, there was going to be enough red in the meal and the flavour is pretty much the same. I added an extra clove of garlic too, coz that's just how I roll.

N.B. do be careful with the oil. I thought I overdid it a little because I didn't do any measuring, so the photo makes the plate look like a grease-bowl. Less than a day later sealed in the fridge though, the rice had really dried out and could have done with a bit of a freshen up with stock on the stove.

This was so good I'm making it again tonight.